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About us


At Algharbia Farms we strive to use our God given talents to provide wholesome products, honest service and value to our customers. 


In 1977, the biggest table-eggs farms in KSA was established under the brand name of Algharbia Farms.Owning 2 farms in Asfan, with an area of more than 1million m2 and a production capacity of around 2,000,000 eggs every day, that made it the market. Algharbia Farms currently operates a huge distribution network across KSA, and owns warehouses that serve all retail and food service segments, thus covering selling areas all across KSA with paramount speed & reliability.

Algharbia Farms is the first company to introduce pasteurized liquid eggs from domestic chicken eggs. Our egg breaker plants are designed to handle a large volume of eggs, producing liquid whole eggs, egg yolk, egg whites, and other blends for industrial food services, our plants will also be launching retail products soon.

After achieving great success in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates, Algharbia Farms operates within the framework of a fierce strategy to expand its exports to all GCC countries. Uncompromised quality control standards, seamless service mechanisms and commodity-based pricing are all integrated into Algharbia’s tested and time-proven marketing strategies and supply chain system. Our collaboration with our excellent partners ensures the arrival of fresh goods to every consumer.



Providing a fresh products and an honest service in order to bring excellent value to our customers is what Algharbia Farms values most. We always aim for providing a safe and pleasant workplace, and rewarding our team members for achieving the highest quality of service to customers.

  • Our standard is producing the highest quality of table-eggs.
  • We strive to serve our customers beyond their expectations.
  • Always satisfy the needs of whom we care of the most – our customers



To grow Algharbia Farms into a world-class table egg business using the strength of our people to develop leading edge products and processes. Through our commitment to quality, health and innovation, we will provide healthy lifestyle solutions, exceed customer expectations and build a highly trusted brands.

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