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Boiled Eggs

Algharbia farms boiled eggs recipe


  • Eggs
  • Teaspoon of salt
  • Water



  1. Place the eggs in a single layer at the bottom of the saucepan
  2. Cover the eggs with an inch or two of water (the more the eggs, the more the water)
  3. Add in the salt, it makes the water boil faster and the eggs easier to peal.
  4. Heat the pot on high heat and bring the water to a full rolling boil
  5. Turn off the heat, cover the pot, and let it sit for 10-15 minutes
  6. Strain out the water and run cold water over the eggs to cool them quickly


** Boiled eggs can be eaten as is, or can be used to make other egg dishes.

** If you like your boiled eggs soft from the inside try leaving them to sit for less

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