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Environmental Responsibility

Our natural environment is sacred, and prioritizing the care for it is essential for the protection of the land, water, and air for our future generations. It is a human, social, and ethical responsibility to make sure that our farms have the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.

Because, at Algharbia Farms, we care about our precious environment we make sure we give nature more than we take from it by using fewer resources and producing less waste by the year. Our production practices are re-tailored every year to make sure we reduce our environmental footprint in every aspect.

Comparing yearly results of the environmental footprint left by the Egg Production Industry during the last 50 years, local and international studies have noted the following:

  • Egg production releases significantly less polluting emissions, including 71% lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Today, it takes 32% less water to produce a dozen eggs.
  • Today’s hens use a little over half the amount of feed to produce a dozen eggs.
  • Today’s hens produce 27% more eggs per day and are living longer.

These breakthroughs in the Egg Production Industry are due to improved hen feed, better disease control, and advancements in hen housing systems, along with the subsequent reduction of natural resource use.

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